stacks Hampton Authors

Esther W. Bates 
Marilda and The Bird of Time

Irene Q. and Richard D. Brown 
The Hanging of Ephraim Wheeler: A Story of Rape, Incest, and Justice in Early America
Barbara Cairns

Nettie's Dream

Alison Brown Davis 
Hampton Remembers 
A Sense of Wonder 
Beloved Companion 
Joan Fox
Fifty Shades of Black and White
Carolyn Gaines 
The Modest Memoir of a Yankee Yenta 
Lawrence Goodheart
Murder on Trial, 1620-2002
Mad Yankees: The Hartford Retreat for the Insane
and 19th Century Psychiatry
The Solemn Sentence of Death
Abolitionist, Actuary, Atheist: Elizur Wright and the Reform Impulse
Janice Law

Fiction, mystery, suspense titles:

Nights in Berlin
Homeward Dove
Fires of London
The Prisoner of the Riviera
Moon over Tangier
Nights in Berlin
Afternoons in Paris
The Lost Diaries of Iris Weed
The Night Bus
The Big Payoff
Gemini Trip
The Shadow of the Palms
Death Under Par
Under Orion
Infected be the Air
Cross Check
A Safe Place to Die
Time Lapse 
Historical Fiction
All the King's Ladies 
Discovering Hampton: A Connecticut Town 

Dorinda K.D. Lundin

A Hiding Place from the Wind

Marjorie Medary

Under many a Star
Buckeye Boy
Topgallant: a Herring Gull
Edra of the Islands
Each One Teach One: Frank Laubach, Friend to Millions

Penny Newbury
Remember Me

Beth Powning
The Sea Captain’s Wife 
Edge Seasons 
The Hatbox Letters 
Shadow Child: An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss Seeds of Another Summer
Home- Chronicles of a North Country Life 
Janet C. and James O. Robertson 

All Our Yesterdays: A Century of Family Life in an American Small Town 

Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez
Boricua Literature: A Literary History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora

Helen Scanlon
My Horse, My Heart: The Morgan Horses of the University of Connecticut
Edwin Way Teale 
A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm 
Adventures in Nature; Selections from the Outdoor Writings of Edwin Way Teale
The American Seasons 
Audubon Wildlife; with selections from the writings of John James Audubon 
Autumn across America; A Naturalist’s Record of a 20,000-Mile Journey through the North American Autumn 
A Book about Bees
Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist’s Year
A Conscious Stillness: Two Naturalists on Thoreau’s Rivers
Days Without Time: Adventures of a Naturalist 
The Golden Throng: A Book about Bees

Jamie Trecker
Love and Blood : At the World Cup with the Footballers, Fans and Freaks
A.H. Wellewood (Bruce Bayne)
Conversations with Joe
The Well:  Memoirs of a Schizophrenic "